Piano Stairs Promote Moving Your Legs


I like stairs. I often walk the 16 flights of stairs at school instead of taking the elevator which takes too long. I can get up to the top faster than the lift can chug up each floor. Same goes for escalators.

Americans are lazy. It should be a fact. They head from their cars, and move to an escalator/elevator and hardly move much more. Obviously this is an over exaggeration, but what if we could promote taking the stairs as something that is fun? Something that we naturally should be doing anyway because as moving people, we could all use a little exercise without having to hit the treadmills at the gym.

This initiative by Volkswagen made me smile this morning. This installation adds piano keys that make musical notes when each step is stepped on. Making some tunes when skipping up and down the stairs turns heads for sure, and makes you rethink the genius of stairs.

Have a great morning everyone. Try the stairs today.

One Response to “Piano Stairs Promote Moving Your Legs”

  1. i’ve been taking the stairs lately…my elevator is broken at work. it sucks.. also climbed nearly 600 on sunday. my 2009 stair quota … check!

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