New Verizon Commercials Bring the Heat


Christmas is coming up what better way to signal it’s the buying season than with some competitive gadget ads that trash rivals? Verizon is doing just that. Trying to steal people from the iPhone’s wrath, the big V has started airing a series of commercials that point out AT&T’s poor 3G coverage in the U.S.

For the most part, I’ve heard more success stories about the iPhone than negative ones. As much as I do hate Verizon (call quality is almost as lousy as AT&T), I do find these commercials charming for the holidays.

Verizon’s own iPhone alternatives also aren’t exactly as slick as the iPhone either. While tech journalists are loving the Motorola Droid phone running Google’s Android 2.0 OS  that was just released on Verizon, I find it ugly. As long as the iPhone has it’s shiny good looks, people will pony up for it, even if AT&T’s service is horrible. Take it from me, I switched from AT&T to T-Mobile and haven’t complained about my phone in a long time; nearly 18 months into my 2-year contract.

But let’s be serious. In a mobile world, there are many factors that we as users value more than just good looks. These factors are what’s keeping people away from the iPhone (like me). Let’s have a look at the two most important ones shall we?

Battery: Battery life is the #1 most important thing to me in a mobile phone. I don’t like having to plug in my phone every night. It should be able to run for at least 3 days before having to need a jack in. My unlocked Sony Ericsson K810i holds up for four days even with a good amount of daily usage.

Coverage: A cell phone is used to connect with people. If there’s no or low reception, our devices are essentially shiny bricks. Better roll out is needed. 3G coverage also needs to be expanded faster.

As the wireless carriers fight it out, things can only get better for us users. Competition will bring the market to where it needs to get to. I tip my hat off to you Verizon for taking a stand against the iPhone, even if there are a ton of rumors going around the Internet indicating you may be getting a GSM/CDMA capable iPhone that that has a smaller 2.8″ screen in the near future…

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