A Little Bit of Sunday Humor


Sundays for me usually are very busy. I spend most of it in a dark room developing my black and white film and then try to get some decent prints done. What once was a free day is now dedicated to photography overload – in a good way.

I like to start and end my weeks with humor. If I can satisfy that, the rest of the week is a walk in the park, breezing by.

Fresh off of Friday’s Best Buy revealing I found this video by ImprovEverywhere. Get this, 80 people walk in to a Best Buy clad in blue shirts and khakis. Awkward for Best Buy employees? I’ll bet.

As a bonus, here is a video. Take that bag checkers!

One Response to “A Little Bit of Sunday Humor”

  1. love this. union square and the strand. this was a while back, they don’t have the bag check in anymore…boo hoo.

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