Creative Apple Advertising


Apple’s “I’m a Mac/I’m a PC” commercials never get tiresome. They’re quite charming actually. I’ve don’t think I’ve watched more computer ads other than those. I’m surprised there is still so much material they can smack together to continue them.

Advertising on the web is still tricky business – to execute it successfully. Once in a while there are some real gems for web ads. This is one them. I’ve seen Apple’s advertising use flash to “shake-up” the layout of a website for the iPod touch, as well as John Hodgman climbing all over the NY Times front page, and this one is no exception. One has to really wonder how these ideas are brought to life.


One Response to “Creative Apple Advertising”

  1. awesome! I should sell ads like that!! i still got love for PCs. One day I’ll get an apple. Till then i’ll live with my shit iphone.

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