Apple’s New NYC Upper West Side Store and Louvre, First in France



I’ve yet to step foot in a Microsoft Retail Store so to be fair, I can’t really compare Apple’s Retails to anything else. That’s too bad, because with no real other competition in sight, the Apple’s stores will continue to crop up in your favorite cities, NYC and Paris, even if NYC already has three.

An e-mail from Apple hit me today announcing the opening day for New York City’s newest Apple Store on the Upper West Side. The store will open at 10:00 AM on Saturday, November 14. Located at 67th St and Broadway, the fourth store will supposedly be the largest one in city, larger than the third one located on the lower west side. Apple fanboys are predicted to camp out days before trying to get a whiff of the new Apple air. No new hardware aside from the new Macs released last month are expected to accompany the opening. Rumors are floating around the net that new models for MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs are in the works, but according to Apple’s Phil Shiller, the holiday line up is set. So January guys?


Not only is Apple opening a new store in NYC this month, but they also opened up their first store in France yesterday, specifically in Paris, in the Carrousel du Louvre shopping center which is really just underground of the Louvre Museum. I am much more excited about this one than the Upper West Side store opening next week. For one thing, I was just in Paris and visited the Louvre in April, and I saw nothing, not even a small rumbling of possible Apple-y goodness being built there. Apple’s all-glass exterior for many of their retail stores blends well with the Louvre prism.

I’m sure the French are ecstatic and overjoyed. I’ll ask my cousins if they plan to check it out.

Images from iPhone Savior and 9to5Mac

2 Responses to “Apple’s New NYC Upper West Side Store and Louvre, First in France”

  1. gonna go for new headphones…

  2. Excellent post thank you for the info

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