Zune HD Scratch Proof


Lately, I’ve really wanted to check out the Zune HD. It is a beautifully designed portable media player with a webkit-based Internet browser. It’s OLED display is said to be gorgeous, and this sucker packs an Nvidia Tegra chip which means silky smooth HD video playback without any lag. The size looks almost perfect, being just slightly slimmer than the iPod touch.

The user interface is very artsy and greatly improved compared to previous Zunes. Critics have praised the Zune HD as an evolution of the device which is finally coming into into its own. Finally a device that is on par with Apple’s iPod touch, and could give it a run for its money if it gains enough traction. The Zune HD needs apps and it needs them fast if it wants to rumble with the iPod touch.

I’ve hit several Best Buys and have not been able to even see the device in person. Haven’t had time to check out J and R or some other places. The more great things I hear about it, the more I want to hold it in my hands.

Here is another reason to pick the Zune HD up. It is one hell of a scratch proof gadget. Check out how it fairs under a pen, knife, key, and other sharp objects.


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