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On Monday, October 26, Yahoo officially pulled the plug on Geocities, the web hosting for Yahoo users. Why is this significant? Geocities was the home to many people’s first websites. A long time ago, I started on Angelfire and then switched over to Geocities when I was only in junior high school running fan websites. […]

Lately, I’ve really wanted to check out the Zune HD. It is a beautifully designed portable media player with a webkit-based Internet browser. It’s OLED display is said to be gorgeous, and this sucker packs an Nvidia Tegra chip which means silky smooth HD video playback without any lag. The size looks almost perfect, being […]

On the Internet, there are no secrets, especially in the tech industry. Rumors leak out by the dozens and for the last few years, the insiders who leak documentation on gadgets are hitting the mark almost exactly. Today’s leak is the Olympus Pen (E-P2). The E-P2 is the second coming of the Pen (EP-P1) that […]

A Tetris dress. The designer says that the colors on the dress aren’t really that bright; she enhanced one of the photos with iPhoto. Great job, except maybe a white fabric would have made this dress a bit more friendly. Show us some models! More pictures in the link. A Dress A Day