RIM May Get a Good Web Browser


BlackBerry users may have something to cheer about real soon: a usable web browser based off of WebKit. WebKit browsers are already in iPhones, Android phones, and making their way into many portable Internet devices such as the iPod touch, and Zune HD.


A mysterious job posting for “WebKit” developer” was posted over on Career Beacon, leading many to believe that RIM (the company that makes BlackBerry devices) may be ready to scrub out the lousy browser that comes standard on all BBs. It’s no secret that the browser on BBs is a piece of trash. Ask anyone who owns a BlackBerry and they will tell you the same. E-mail is world class, but Internet browsing? Nope.

Apple’s iPhone browsing experience has become the new defacto, and if you’re not bringing something of equal value to the table, then you’re going to be kicked to the curb. Hopefully a WebKit browser sees the light of day on a BB device, as it would make their devices much more appeal and more useful.

WebKit is an open source web browsing engine that has proven to render web pages at lightning speeds by optimizing the way in which data is loaded. On desktops, it is the core of popular browsers such as Safari and Google’s Chrome. Portable WebKit browsers have proved that a near-full Internet experience is possible in portable devices.

Career Beacon


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