DSi LL Eats Other DS’s for Dinner



Nintendo Japan announced a new DSi system yesterday. Rumors around the web speculated that a new DSi with 4″ screens would make it into the new hardware. The rumors nearly nailed it.

The “DSi LL” will have a pair of 4.2″ screens. No announcements were made regarding the resolution of the dual screens leading me to believe they will remain unchanged from the original DS.


Immediately noticeable is the much larger body to accommodate the larger screens. Nintendo expects the DSi LL to be a grand slam with the elderly who would greatly appreciate the larger screens. A larger stylus will also be included in he box although the smaller stylus will also be included.


New colors for the DSi LL will include Wine Red, Dark Brown, and Natural White. The DSi will command a new higher price as well, roughly $220 USD. In an economic recession, it will be interesting to see how the higher price factors into consumer’s buying options, especially if the DSi arrives in the US in the near future at roughly the same price. A $220 price would not bode well with buyers when a Wii can be had for less than that in the US.

Photos may provide estimations, but seeing is believing right? Here’s a proper comparison of the monolithic DSi LL sitting next to the now puny DS lite and DSi.

This news comes as a surprise for many because Nintendo had just refreshed the DS line with the DSi last spring with a pair of cameras. While the competition is slimming things down (PSPgo I’m looking at you), it seems Nintendo continues to do it’s own thing. Murmurs are going around that Nintendo may be taking a page from Apple’s strategic planning, that is releasing a DS hardware refresh with minor changes on a yearly basis, as Apple’s annual iPod event does.

Is bigger hardware really what people want? Considering the trade off of not gaining any internal spec increases, the DSi LL doesn’t seem necessary so soon. My DS lite is still holding the fort down for me.

It’s clear this thing is no longer a portable, approaching MID (Mobile Internet Device) or even a netbook size.

In Japan, the DSi LL will come pre-loaded with a dictionary and some Brain Age Math mini game. Release date is slated for November 24.

Final comment: That stylus is HUGE.

UPDATE: The Nintendo DSi LL will be known as DSi XL in Europe and North America and will be released in both regions in Q1 2010.


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