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For a technology blog, a lot of people are asking me why I cover so many video game topics. For those people, my answer is one word: convergence. The digital revolution is making it a necessity that convergence is the ultimate factor in technology. A video game console is no longer just for playing video […]

It’s the holiday season, and shopping has begun. Who’s going to be on your naughty or nice list? For those people you know who fit in the former, the holidays are an excuse to buy them crappy gifts in exchange for the vomit-colored socks they give you or the useless “As Seen on TV” gizmo. […]

THIS WEBSITE HAS MOVED TO TEKUNOLOJI.COM. If you would like to read the article on the US Airforce and using PlayStation 3’s as supercomputers, please visit the new permalink:

For all the people who just got christened with their brand new Canon or Nikon DSLRs, this you gotta see. Love!

You guys love my personal stories right? Right? Okay, here I go. iPhone. Popular. Most Wanted Phone. Greedy People. NYC. Understand? Good. Now watch: Alright I’ll tell you my personal story. iPhones are expensive (new ones at least) and it is the hottest phone on the planet, much like the ultra thin Motorola RAZR was […]

The defacto standard on smart phone keyboards are QWERTY. The layout was derived from the traditional desktop keyboard and so the mobile user can easily make the finger to thumb transition when on the fly. Those days may be a thing of the past. Swype Inc. is set to debut a new technology that doesn’t […]

Happy Turkey Day. If you don’t eat turkey, then happy to-furkey, chicken, duck, or whatever you eat to celebrate the beautiful day. I hope everyone manages to spend it with their family or friends. Let’s all just take a break from reality and enjoy a good day of relaxation! I usually celebrate Thanksgiving by sleeping […]