Letting Out the Inner Geek: iPhone Costumes


I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween. Dressing up and scaring people, not my kind of humor. The spirit seems all but nearly lost on attempting to frighten your peers nowadays and more as just an excuse to dress up as something totally wicked, or in this scenario, highly nerdy and geek-tastic. Reko Rivera and John Savio are two huge iPhone fans who instead of being the typical skeleton, pervert or school girl decided to build custom iPhone costumes. These two costumes feature 42″ LCD HDTVs, weigh 85 pounds and are powered by car batteries.

Anyone want to be a Zune HD?

3 Responses to “Letting Out the Inner Geek: iPhone Costumes”

  1. WOW…very cool…how about a flip video…you could make that pretty easy, but i’m not sure it’ll help you pick up women.

  2. this is awesome..love it.. where’s the apple apps series? did that get picked up for another season or killed?!!

  3. I just want to wish long live to read more hahahaaha thanks for all your post. belly dancing costumes

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