Windows 7 Whopper


I have no idea how a Burger King Whopper ties in to Microsoft’s Windows 7 launch, but who cares? In Japan, they are going all out promoting the hell out of Windows 7, and why shouldn’t they?


Count that. The Windows 7 Whopper has SEVEN beef patties. This thing is 1.74 lbs of Whopper. It costs 777 yen and will available at Japanese BK’s for only seven days. If you’re in Japan, I’d say this is a once in a lifetime chance to try something that looks like it could instantly kill you. I hope there’s enough Pepto Bismol to go around.

And if you want to see this disgusting thing on video, CheapyD was kind enough to actually buy the thing and then eat it.

Tokyo Mango

3 Responses to “Windows 7 Whopper”

  1. 1 cory

    Japan always has some cool stuff, like the world’s largest burger 136kg!

  2. any idea when farmville is going to give us the 24×24 farm? i’ve run out of space on mine, and I don’t want to start moving all of my cool decorations into storage!

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