Rumor: Specs of Dell Adamo XPS Revealed?


Engadget is reporting that they have received tips that reveal the hotly discussed Dell Adamo XPS will have a 1.4 and 1.9 Ghz processor, integrated X4500MHD graphics and 4GB of DDR3 RAM. The 13.4″ screen is WXGA  and storage will come in at 128 or 180 GB Solid State Disk (SSD).

Battery life is rumored to be a 20 watt per hour for (2.5hrs) or 40 watts per hour (4 hours).

If these rumors are indeed true, then the specs are nothing to drool over, not that I was expecting much, considering a discrete graphics card would likely not fit into the Adamo XPS’s thin chassis. The 4GB DDR3 RAM however would pick up some of the lag. At least it will come with Windows 7. Big smiles everyone. Big smiles.


One Response to “Rumor: Specs of Dell Adamo XPS Revealed?”

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