Get That App


iPhone Apps are cash cows. Anybody who can program a little bit can make some money off of some stupid app or another. Remember how it was so cool to have a website and if you didn’t you were considered stupid? That’s kind of like what having an app is. An app is like a young developers first website. If you don’t have one, who the fuck are you? You got to have an app. I don’t, but I sure do want one of my own.


With thousands of apps on the iTunes Store and no way to differentiate the good from the bad, the horse crap from the gems, what is one to do? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by it all and not know what is essential or even worth downloading. “Get That App” is a new segment on the site that will highlight apps that I think everyone should have, worth downloading, and just plain worth your time. I’m not saying you’re going to agree with me on every app, this is opinionated after all, but I hope it sheds some help when it comes to deciding what to download onto your iPhone or iPod touch.

One thing worth mentioning is the fact that I don’t own an iPhone. I’m running all the apps I will be featuring on a 1st generation iPod touch, and any performance bumps that may improve with faster hardware will not be mentioned. As long as the app runs well and functions properly, those are the things I will be focusing on. Because of the hardware limitations, I won’t be featuring any apps that make use of the iPhone’s camera.

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