Get That App 01: Gucci



It’s funny how the first app that is being featured in this segment is an app for Gucci. I’ll put it bluntly, this app is 90% garbage. Then why am I even posting about it? It’s simple, the other 10% of the app is worth looking at and playing with: Gucci Beats.

Gucci Beats is a little beat maker inside of the app that puts a few beats and synthesizers together, allowing you to mix it up however you want. What you get are 3 bass, drums, vocals, synths, and effects. Drag any of those onto the board and mix it up. Volume sliders control the loudness for each beat. Then record your custom creation and play it. When you do get to play it, Gucci Beats even includes vinyl for you to scratch it up.

It’s simplicity is what makes it shine. From what I’ve seen and played around with, it is very cool, considering I suck at making computer/digital music. The interface is all concise and super clean. If someone went out and made a real music mixing app with full functions as simple as Gucci Beats, I would buy it in a heartbeat. I’ve tried other digital music mixers such as the Korg DS-10 for the Nintendo DS and I couldn’t figure for my life how to create a track. Needless to say I hope the developer takes this little piece of ingenuity and fleshes it out into a standalone audio mixer.

Cost: Free

One Response to “Get That App 01: Gucci”

  1. 1 bl

    this is cool, what’s next!!! Pepsi Amp? that was pretty neat.

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