Blue, Red and Green Beer



Chalk one up for the Japanese. The score is now 985238573285743859427583451124343 to x (number smaller than 10) in the U.S. Hokkaido Abashiri Brewery just made my weekend. They’ve invented colorful beer.

The brew isn’t just regular beer with some color thrown in, it’s actually made from water melted from icebergs that float each year onto Hokkaido Beach. Geeky indeed.

According to Japan Sugoi:

The same brewery makes other colored beers the Hamamsu Draft (red- contains anthocyans, natural pigments found in plants and fruit) and Shiretoko Draft (green –  made of seaweed, hops and a mixture of plants from Japan’s Siretoko peninsula).  This of course from the same brewery that mixed beer and milk together to form Bilk.

That last bit of Bilk sounds disturbing.

Japan Sugoi

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