Windows 7 Launchfest



Microsoft picked a strange day to launch Windows 7 didn’t they? Weather in NYC? Abso-frickingly warm and pleasant. Thursday launch day? Sure why not.

For those not in the know, Windows 7 is Microsoft’s newest OS and everyone is going bonkers about it. I’ve yet to try it running natively on my MacBook via Bootcamp. Apple says that Win 7 support via Bootcamp will be patched in by the end of this year. I have tried the public release candidate a few months back. I ran it through the Sun Microsystems free virtualization software, Virtualbox. The performance was below my expectations and I didn’t really tinker very long with it because I hated the 4:3 screen ratio it was displaying it. Hopefully I can get my hands on a Win 7 Home Edition and test this baby on Bootcamp by years end.

If you’re a Windows fanboy/girl, today is your day. Make that this weekend. Happy upgrading and shoot me some e-mails on how it goes for you. Smooth install? Problems? Loving the new taskbar? I want to know!

One Response to “Windows 7 Launchfest”

  1. is thursday the busiest day in nyc!! that’s why! and no one cares on friday. people read tech blogs on friday, they don’t update their os.

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