Dell Adamo XPS’s FACE: Huh. CULV Inside



No Intel Atom processor variation here my friends. Dell’s Adamo XPS’s face has been revealed, just as expected. A Dell representative states that the Adamo XPS will have a CULV processor inside. CULV is short for Consumer Ultra-Low Voltage. Battery life is expected to be moderately long. The battery is also said to be user-serviceable. A webcam is included no doubt, but what the resolution for it is still unknown. Chic-let style keyboard ala MacBook style.

UPDATE: Gizmodo has a video of the heat-sensing lid in action. Head on over there to check the sweet action.

My take on the heat sensing lid. Is it really necessary? I hardly think so, but it does give it that premium touch to justify the $2000 price tag.

Electronista & Gizmodo

2 Responses to “Dell Adamo XPS’s FACE: Huh. CULV Inside”

  1. doesn’t the bottom of the monitor kind of giveaway since it’s balancing and if you were to put pressure on the keyboard? i love dell, not as much as you love apple… is this really that awesome? when was the last time that dell made something groundbreaking….ever? maybe just that dell guy in the commercials.

  2. agreed, that weed smoking dell guy!

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