Taxis Driven by Women for Women, Beauty Kit Included



It’s the 21st century. Men and women have equal rights. Too bad the few bad ones always and will always spoil everything. Mexico has started a fleet of 35 taxis driven by women only. These pink colored vehicles aren’t your regular taxis – they only pick up female riders. The raison d’etre is that women in Mexico City are sick of leering male drivers.

Strangely enough, aside from the tech goodness of onboard GPS and an alarm button for emergencies, there is also a beauty kit inside the pink taxis. I don’t know if riders are required to tip more for using the kit, or what the kit is comprised of, but I would assume a practically public beauty kit can’t be too sanitary. Not to rile up anger, but don’t most women carry personal beauty kits in their bags already? All the female friends I know do.

The 35 new taxis do however give women more opportunities to drive cabs whereas generally the cab industry is dominated by men drivers.

Mexico’s Pink Taxis Cater to Fed-Up Females

2 Responses to “Taxis Driven by Women for Women, Beauty Kit Included”

  1. 1 brucie

    why don’t they have a special one for me, like the guy that hangs in the bathroom at a nice restaurant..and at a strip club..with shavers, deodorant…cologne..etc… This is cool though. where did you find this?

  2. I love this concept.

    I think it’s so nice for women to have the CHOICE as to how they travel.

    Women can feel intimidated and unsafe especially when travelling alone.

    It’s nice for women to have this option.

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