Can’t You See I’m Busy!


Can’t You See I’m Busy! is a brilliant website. In the office realm of 9-5 jobs, the workload can get a little overwhelming. Everyone needs a few minutes of downtime here and there just to re-energize their blood and keep them going. Solitaire on Windows is the most popular time waster that trashes all productivity in cubicles. Can’t You See I’m Busy! is a website featuring three games: Breakdown (a brickball game disguised as a word document), Leadership (guide a spaceship through some line graphs), and Cost Clutter (connect two colors on incoming bar graphs). When your supervisor or boss comes sneaking over your shoulder, they might not notice that you’re playing a game instead of working!


My personal favorite is Leadership. It reminds me of the homebrew game, iCopter for the iPod touch. It’s also the most challenging I feel.

Can’t You See I’m Busy!

One Response to “Can’t You See I’m Busy!”

  1. my friday just got a bit better. thanks.1

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