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Apple makes beautiful stuff, that’s a fact. Who is responsible for most of this stuff? The man in charge of Apple’s most iconic products from the iMac to the MacBook to your iPod and iPhone is Jonathan Ive aka Jony. As Senior Vice President of Design at Apple Inc., he oversees all the industrial designs […]

Magic Mouse GO!


THIS WEBSITE HAS MOVED TO TEKUNOLOJI.COM. If you would like to read the article on Apple’s Magic Mouse, please visit the new permalink:

The much awaited iMac refresh arrived today as well. The fine folks at Cupertino craft a unibody iMac complete with 16:9 display. SD card slot is now thrown into the mix and the back of the iMac is now silver instead of black. Processor upgrades across the board are included and now all iMacs clock […]

First up is the redesign for the polycarbonate white MacBook aka Apple’s college friendly plastic MB. Taking ques from the unibody aluminum MacBook Pros, the new plastic Macs are unibody, have a glass multi-touch trackpad, LED-lit display and rubberized base. Like the 13″ MBP they dump the mic in, opting for just one audio in/out […]

Rumors were spewing around the Internet like a rabid wildfire in the last few weeks. As with all Apple rumors, the clues surrounding Apple’s new products met the expectations of tech enthusiasts everywhere. Announced in Apple’s new armada refreshes to iMacs, plastic MacBooks and Mac Minis. New accessories include Apple’s Magic Mouse and new aluminum […]

Saturday’s breaking of the Dell Adamo XPS news from BW skyrocketed traffic to Pasta Tech. Thanks to all those who linked and let’s keep on breaking news as it comes. Amazing how a small blurb mentioned in an article from a distinguished publication goes unnoticed until someone else who’s willing to go the distance breaks […]