Raining on the Windows 7 Launch


Business Week reports that Apple is planning to arrive on Microsoft’s Window’s 7 launch day with trickles of marketing blitz ready to steal would-be Windows XP and Vista upgraders.


More commercials, price-cuts, and redesigned iMacs and MacBooks are rumored to be in the works. Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice-president for marketing hopes to emphasize the Macs ease of use, ease of upgrading to Snow Leopard, SL’s $30 cost, lack of viruses, and first-rate connectivity between iPods, iPhones and Macs.

Meanwhile Microsoft seems ready for any imminent backlash from Apple’s cult. Microsoft is planning to open their own version of Apple retail stores on the Windows 7 launch day in the U.S. Microsoft Retail Stores  are said to be near complete copycats of Apple’s stores, complete with their own versions of genius bars, assistance for Office, etc.  The retail stores will be tricked out with touchscreen computers, high definition televisions as well as Xbox 360s and software for the game console. Early photos of the stores show that while Microsoft is trying its best to adjust to Apple’s latest success, the stores lack the special pizazz that defines the Apple store: design, architecture and a general casual warmth that is unlike what you receive from most tech support. News of Microsoft hiring Apple Store Managers for more money to work for them as well as in some places opening MS Retail Stores directly next to in the same vicinity of already existing Apple stores show the company’s desire to fight Apple’s rising popularity.


Microsoft’s much anticipated new operating system, Windows 7 is planned for a release on October 22, 2009. The much polished OS is gunning to correct all the wrongs that was Vista and move on as if it never existed. Microsoft is also counting on Windows 7 to sell more PCs. BW states that PC sales have been in the slump since Vista’s launch which has only garnered 20% of Windows XP users to upgrade, whereas Apple has been able to capture 70% of its installed base to upgrade to Leopard. Vista’s three year existence has been marred by its lack of intuitiveness, simplicity, and poor implementation of process management. Windows users have remained content sticking to Windows XP which is showing its age despite being on the market for roughly eight years.

Business Week and Engadget


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