Shoot With Style


When I was growing up, one of the hottest items every kid had was a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) aside from the original Gameboy. I would say it was probably the NES that sparked my interest in the shooting game genre. I remember one time going to a neighbors place and we would play Duck Hunt with the Nintendo Zapper. The graphics were primitive, but nothing could beat that experience of holding up a plastic gun and shooting the crap out of the screen – even if I did miss all the shots and not kill a single duck.


I’d say this machine gun controller for Nintendo’s Wii brings the big guns to the table. This accessory isn’t your run of the mill Wii-remote accessory. The Heckler & Kock MP5 sub-machine gun controller is a full fledged 1:1 replica of a machine gun that packs all of the innards of the Wii-remote, nunchuck, and Wii Motion Plus. Rumble, speakers and rechargeable battery? Check.


I don’t care where this badboy ends up, somebody buy me one for Christmas!

Pocket Lint

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