PSPgoes For Smaller Visual Placement


Anyone who knows SoHo knows about the iconic giant PSP that had been hanging around for years.  The economic downturn must have hit Sony right where it hurts because not only did they remove the gigantor PSP that aired advertisements for popular games such as Metal Gear Solid, but they’ve downsized with their ads for the recently released PSPgo.


Here’s a picture I snapped yesterday morning. I guess a giant PSPgo just wasn’t in the budget this year.

The PSPgo is Sony’s latest iteration of their popular PlayStation Portable system. Sony’s taking big risks this time around by removing the handheld’s UMD disc-based format with digital downloads of their games. Packing 16gbs of flash memory, the PSPgo is a real contender against Apple’s iPod Touch which is gaining recognition as a serious game system, and trumping the Nintendo DSi. Form factor be damned, the PSPgo shrinks the 4.3 screen to a 3.8 screen but still retains the systems 480 x 272 pixel resolution. A sliding mechanism ala Sony’s useless Mylo makes the PSPgo’s shape way more skinny jean friendly than the hulking PSP. Asking for a price of $249.99, outrage from PSP fans and retailers refusing to carry the system may cripple the devices chances of survival.

Original PSP Billboard photo from

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