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The last time I watched the morning or evening news – a full or near full sitting was probably pre-10th grade, and that was when I was afraid of the news. The amount of homicides didn’t help contribute to the feeling of safety. Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD fixed that up nicely these past years and while they were making the news less scary for children, everyone else grew up and started to look for alternative funnels for our news.

Newspapers? I read them, occasionally. I’m not a fan of the rub/smearing of the newsprint. More on my thoughts of the newspaper industry in the future. Magazines? They’re a little two slow to operate at the needs of today’s information hungry people.

For the last maybe year and a half, Google Reader has been my near exclusive portal to news. It’s simple: the news I want, pushed immediately when its posted by the author. Here’s how it works. You subscribe to a website by adding to your subscriptions. When the writer posts something new, the content is immediately pushed to your Reader and you can read it instantly. Using Reader, I don’t need to load 10 tabs to see if the website has been updated: the news comes to me. I’m not going to bore you with the details, and Google’s straightfoward videos probably inform better than I do.

All you need to start using Google reader is a Google account.

Google Reader

One Response to “Google Reader”

  1. magazines will never die, but are hurting bad… google reader’s pretty cool though. where the pretty ladies like in my maxim mag?!!!

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