Thin gets Thinner


The continuing onslaught of ultra thin computers that forgo optical drives is heating up. Apple started it all with their ok-spec’ed MacBook Air in 2008. Dell’s been readying itself to be crowned the thinnest, and it looks like they’re serious. Previous attempts with the Dell Adamo to dethrone the MBA were in vain. The Adamo was just too much of a premium machine to be fully appreciated. Dell is hoping round two will hit it with consumers.

Dell released teaser imaged of their new Dell Adamo XPS notebook.


There won’t be 3 USB ports, HDMI, eSata, card readers and all that goodness that is to be expected in a modern notebook, but it it should come with the greatly anticipated Windows 7.


Official tech specs haven’t been released yet and nobody has even gotten a look at the inside of the notebook, so at this point it’s a mystery. It could be an entire touch-sensitive screen like a giant Nintendo DS. The only thing that has been known about the Adamo XPS is that it is 9.99mm thin. What can be taken from these two images is that this machine is thin and that the hinge design is unlike any other.

If Dell can deliver on the specs with perhaps Nvidia Ion graphics for full HD and a decent processor, then this one might be the MBA for Windows fanboys. A competitive price to the MBA wouldn’t hurt either.

Dell Adamo XPS

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