A Sidekick We’re Happy to be Without



I won’t lie, I hate Sidekicks. Every iteration of them. Never was a fan of them. My sister had a Sidekick 2 and and then a Sidekick 3. When the SK3 broke, I urged her to grow up and get a Blackberry (this was before the iPhone came out – oh pre-iPhone days, remember those?).


The Sidekick: once a technological marvel for early mobile internet users, now a ridiculous looking toy for middle and high school students who flash too much fake bling and ice and need a belt for their pants that never seem to fit on their asses.

In the last two weeks severe data problems plagued all Sidekick users. T-Mobile apologized for the outage and promised data including contacts, e-mails, texts, etc would be restored on Thursday. Over the weekend T-Mobile representatives banded together and prayed hoping for an 11th hour save where the servers would miraculously kick in and backups of everything would be restored making the sun shine again on Sidekick owners. No such luck happened and it’s now official news that all SK data was lost because they were on Danger’s servers (Sidekick inventors now owned by Microsoft). While everyone is wondering why there were no backups in place, this incident could very well end the phones existence.

T-Mobile is now offering all SK owners their sincerest apologies and allowing anyone who suffered two weeks of not being able to MySpace, Facebook, and AIM the free pass to get out of their contract, switch on over to a Blackberry or look at their other smart phone options.

AT&T execs were caught beaming left to right after hearing about T-Mobile’s blunder. iPhones and dollar signs shined brightly in their eyes.

It’s time for the Sidekick to be buried and forgotten. We can all finally stop having to hear its distinct “flip hinge” popping from miles away. The world has changed and with it the mobile experience and expectations that come along with it have changed too. Good-bye Sidekick, you started the revolution and now the iPhone will carry on your legacy.

UPDATE: T-Mobile is issuing $100 to those still recovering from the mental damage. It sure is frightening when you lose your precious xoxoxo, no i lub you more babes texts..


6 Responses to “A Sidekick We’re Happy to be Without”

  1. this is funny! but i hate my iphone….what do i do? blackberry’s are for stock brokers, bankers and losers pretending they have to email someone on the subway…

  2. get a “dumbphone” that is full in features such as 8-12mp cameras, but lacking in internet browsing prowess? sony ericsson w995 anyone?

  3. and what happened to your website?

  4. 5 a.s.s

    thi is so wack sidekicks the best its esome blckberries fr ofice iphone for lil fak BR00T4L PEOPLE SIDEKICK IS THRE SHIT

  5. i want the sidekick plz give it t me plz i need iot im nt alone one that dont have rite n i feel left out plz give me it plz I will love yuh if yuh give me oine hit me up in my aim localoveyuhx3 or loca1330

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