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I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween. Dressing up and scaring people, not my kind of humor. The spirit seems all but nearly lost on attempting to frighten your peers nowadays and more as just an excuse to dress up as something totally wicked, or in this scenario, highly nerdy and geek-tastic. Reko Rivera […]

Is it just me or are the designs for Olympic medals getting more and more kickass? Sure they’re extremely contemporary in design, but the medals for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games look nerd-tastic. Not only are the medals not flat, but they made from old circuit boards. OLD CIRCUIT BOARDS. The gold, silver and […]

That my friends is Street Fighter rendered in only 15 pixels. If you can’t see Ken and his hadouken, then you buddy need to brush up on your Street Fighter. It’s Monday morning and this is exactly how we should always start a week.

It’s funny how the first app that is being featured in this segment is an app for Gucci. I’ll put it bluntly, this app is 90% garbage. Then why am I even posting about it? It’s simple, the other 10% of the app is worth looking at and playing with: Gucci Beats. Gucci Beats is […]

Get That App


iPhone Apps are cash cows. Anybody who can program a little bit can make some money off of some stupid app or another. Remember how it was so cool to have a website and if you didn’t you were considered stupid? That’s kind of like what having an app is. An app is like a […]

I have no idea how a Burger King Whopper ties in to Microsoft’s Windows 7 launch, but who cares? In Japan, they are going all out promoting the hell out of Windows 7, and why shouldn’t they? Count that. The Windows 7 Whopper has SEVEN beef patties. This thing is 1.74 lbs of Whopper. It […]

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